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This is what it does

  • 8ft wide box 8ft-5" overall width

  • 977 lbs

  • Massive 10" trip edge.

  • Pin and Slide floating box. The box and the machine ride independently of each other. This blade is fast and simple to operate. Set the arms of the machine all the down. Uncurl till the pin is somewhere about the the middle of the slide. For ice and hardpack, uncurl till the pin is at the bottom of the slide. This makes the blade rigid for scrapping. 

  • Floating Wings. The wings do not ride the ground. They hold the snow. The wings float up over curbs before the trip edge engages. The wings also fold up completely out of way for backdragging leaving the cutting edge the furthest point forward. The wings can be flipped back without getting out of your  machine by raising the arms all the way up. No hydraulics, just gravity. 

  • The UHMW plastic shoes are gentle on curbs and surfaces, and because they dont touch the ground they will last for many seasons. They will wear down only as fast as your cutting edge. UHMW plastic is inexpensive and readily available from many online sources. 

  • See through Polycarbonate moldboard. Especially on a skid steer, there really is nothing better than seeing  how much snow you're pushing and how close you are to curbs and doors and everything else that gets in the way. Its one of those things that you really need to try out to fully appreciate.

  • Top Links- Adjustable top links fine tune the blade to fit your machine. No tools required and can be done on site in 2 minutes

Down pressure, Ice, hardpack and speedbumps

See it working. 


How to Operate 

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