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Switchblade is the legally assumed brand name for products created by 3-D Services LLC.

Magnetic Bevel Grinding and sharpening Jig for knifemakers and anyone that creates with steel. 

back good.jpg
front side.jpg
  • Grind perfect bevels. Strong magnets hold work piece in place with fast blade rotations using no tools or clamps.

  • Infinitely adjustable angles from 0° for surface grinding to 45° for creating unique designs and chisel sharpening.

  • Works for knives but also works with any shape, including circles, squares, and other irregular shapes. It's a must have tool for knifemakers, MIG / TIG welders and anyone that creates with steel.

  • Repeat your own custom angles by marking or scribing a line on the body above the angle plate. The fast angle adjustment makes working on multiple projects and complex designs easy.

  • Made in the U.S.A. Anodized solid aluminum, machined quality construction. Makes an excellent gift.

Available for purchase on Amazon and at USA Knifemakers and Texas Knifemakers Buy from one of these stores if you can,,,,its just better. While you're there, pick up some scales to customize the jig handle. I left it wide open for that exact reason.

(7.5" x 1" x 1/4 " ) 

 Larry from Texas`~

Hey Dustin just wanted to let you know I got my bevel jig and I was really impressed with the quality. It's a really nice tool. I think I'll get years of good service from this jig so thank you! Oh and by the way I got it like two days after you sent it extremely fast shipping!

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